Well, 2016 is over, “stick a fork in it, it’s done” (typing this just made me a little hungry) and I have to say looking back . . . what a great year it was. It may have not turned out the way I thought it would but I have to say I grew so much. I learned a lot & I have become a better man and an even better Christian because of it. This reminds me of this sentence I have on the mirror of my room: “God’s gonna stretch you to the man He has called you to be.” I was definitely stretched and molded this past year. I’m nowhere close to where God wants me to be but I am closer than I once was.

With that said I don’t want to spend too much time reflecting on 2016. Yes, I know this is a reflective post on 2016 don’t be confused but I don’t want all my focus to be on something that is long gone. Remembering the past isn’t always that good and while I had some of my highest highs, I also experienced some of my lowest lows. From these moments and memories I accumulated over the last 365 days I learned 3 important lessons:

  1. (quoting a ton of sports movies) It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
  2. Jesus came to do life with you and even in your failures and moments you walk away from him, he is still right beside you.
  3.  God will always come through in His perfect timing, not yours.

Now, before I end this amazingly short post (there’s will be more content next post I promise) I just want to pray over 2017. Yes, I know it’s the middle of January but better late than never, right?

Lord Jesus, thank You for 2016. Thanks for another year of laughter, of joy, of hope, and of seeking after You. Thank You for leading me and celebrating with me in the mountain tops and guiding me in the valleys. Thank You for pushing me to bigger and better things. For carrying me when I didn’t have the strength to go on. As I continue 2017 let this year be less about me and my plans and more about You and Your will for my life. Use me this year for Your purpose in mighty ways as I seek Your face every single day. Let this year be the best one yet.

In Your name, Amen.